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Collect and Display This: White Ware

Collect and Display This: White Ware

Throughout history, white décor has been a mainstay, so building a collection of these versatile vintage pieces is easy.


White Ware
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If you love the shabby look, hunt for milk glass from the 1930s and 1940s, or porcelain pieces from the Victorian era. Swedish and Norwegian pieces from the 1950s to 1970s fit perfectly into more modern interiors. To keep things intriguing, choose items of varying styles. The different lines, shapes and curves will add interest to your tone-on-tone displays. “I just buy what I like, and it all works together,” KariAnne says. “I enjoy mixing and matching pieces from different eras. This gives it the truly authentic feel of a collection.”


How to Display White Ware With Style

KariAnne Wood of Thistlewood Farms shares her secrets to creating divine displays with white ware, but her inspiring ideas will work with any color or pattern you choose.

1. Group a collection of similar items for maximum impact.

2. When styling items on a shelf, always add a platter in back to add height to your display.

3. Don’t overlook utilitarian items when displaying items. One of my favorite collections is my display of milk-glass mixing bowls.

4. Always remember that odd groupings of items are more pleasing to the eye.

5. To create visual interest, introduce elements of nature, like nests or branches or acorns.

6. Use a soft-gray wall as the perfect backdrop to open shelving displays. For more “pop,” stack white dishes and bowls against a bright or dark background. The contrast makes the dishes look like pieces of artwork.

7. For an elegant display, add a grouping of crystal or glass mixed with white dishes.

8. Highlight one special piece on your collection by featuring it under a cloche and on a rustic platter.

9. Add height to a display by stacking dishes and bowls. Use a smaller bowl under a plate to create an instant stand.

10. Have fun with your collections. Don’t wait for a special occasion. You should use and enjoy your white ware every day.


For more information about KariAnne Wood and her great decorating ideas, visit her blog. Just for fun, check out the post in which she picks up a copy of our spring 2013 issue and first finds her feature (What a wonderful experience, KariAnne!). And for more advice from KariAnne about how to decorate with vintage white ware, click here.


by Rebecca Ittner

Photography by KariAnne Wood




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